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The Torshavn Marathon

Located halfway between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic, sits The Faroe Islands. With a population of around 50,000, The Faroe terrain is rugged with a subpolar oceanic climate. The Capital City, Torshavn, is named after the Norse God Thor and means “Thors Harbour”. This tiny capital city is home to one of the smallest and least known annual marathons, The Torshavn Marathon.

This marathon produces close to 800 runners from as far as Argentina to as close as Denmark. One of the most scenic countries, runners battle up and down hills along the Fjords, passing plenty of sheep and waterfalls. The race has a particularly cozy feel to it as runners pass through Torshavn to the cheers of support from locals. While 42 km up and down the Fjord of Kaldbak is no easy challenge, this race never loses its laid-back small town feel. This photo essay is a glimpse into the diverse crowd attending this race that is essentially in the middle of nowhere.

The Torshavn Marathon- Good Sport

The Torshavn Marathon- Good Sport

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